Strong Faculty
Master's Degree with Three Certificates
       Sino-bus Chinese teachers are strong, and they all graduated from foreign and domestic pedagogy, linguistics, logic, comparative linguistics, child psychology and other majors with master's degrees. They have rich experience in Chinese education at home and abroad, with an average teaching experience of more than 5 years. Chinese cultural heritage is rich, and spoken English is standard. All teachers hold the International Chinese Teacher Certificate, the Chinese Primary and Secondary School Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate in China, and the Putonghua Level 2 Certificate or above.。
Mandarin Certificate
Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate
Domestic Teacher Qualification Certificate
Ting Song Annie
Majoring in Chinese as a foreign language, participate in on-campus Chinese teaching activities for international students. He once worked as a Chinese teacher at Holy Redeemer Loei School in Thailand. The students of the major classes taught by him have all achieved excellent results in HSK, and have performed well in Chinese bridge and other Chinese competitions for many times, and have achieved fruitful teaching results. After returning to China, he has been working hard on the front line of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and has rich experience in teaching, researching and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Adhering to guiding innovation, committed to interesting teaching; focusing on practice and application, making Chinese eBay lively。
Ling Wang Demi
International Chinese major, with three years of experience in online and offline teaching and teaching, and has an internationally registered Chinese teacher qualification certificate and a Putonghua certificate. Strong affinity, good at guiding and mobilizing the enthusiasm of students. Understand student psychology and teach students in accordance with their aptitude。
Yu Luo Tina
Majored in Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. After graduation, he was engaged in the teaching and research of teaching auxiliary products. Since then, he has been engaged in online Chinese teaching work. He has taught students from Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, Central Asia and other places, and the praise rate of the students has reached 85%. , have a deep understanding of Chinese teaching methods。
Li Wang Vivian
Master of International Chinese Language. From 2019 to 2020, he went to Satrirachinuthit middle school in Thailand as a volunteer Chinese teacher. In teaching, constantly explore flexible and efficient teaching methods, pay attention to heuristic teaching, connect with life, explain the profound things in simple language, and let students experience the beauty of Chinese consciously and spontaneously。
Wenji Yang Wendy
Majoring in Chinese language and literature, he has been engaged in children's education for more than ten years. He has participated in the development of "Comprehensive Theme Courses" for children aged 3-6 and "STEAM Feature Courses" for children aged 5-10 by Xi'an Jiaotong University Press. He also served as a member of the editorial committee of Beijing Normal University Publishing Group and Anhui University Press Children's Books. In recent years, it has devoted itself to the analysis of the age characteristics of children aged 5-12, and can develop interesting courses in a targeted manner.。
Yue Li Lillian
Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, worked at Confucius Institute in Scotland, UK from 2018 to 2019. After returning to China, he worked at Tianjin International Chinese Academy, where he taught foreign students from all over the world and overseas Chinese teenagers. The number of students is more than 500. He has rich teaching, research and teaching experience. Making good use of heuristic teaching, combining leniency with strictness, and being both a teacher and a friend are her unchanging ways of teaching。
Teaching Assistant + Head Teacher + Teacher
3 to 1 Babysitting 24/7 Learning Service
Teaching Assistant Responsibilities
24/7 babysitting service
Community Q&A
Student Course/Activity Arrangement
learning feedback
Head Teacher Responsibilities
Understand student needs
On-demand matching trial lessons
Track course feedback
Develop a suitable lesson plan
Teacher Responsibilities
Immersive Gamified Interactive Teaching
1 to 1 homework correction
Effectively track student learning
Communicate with parents for feedback