Sinobus Learning While Playing
Immersive Chinese Learning Explore the New World of Chinese
       Say goodbye to boring passive learning and unlock new postures for Chinese learning. Sinobus's rich and interesting teaching games and lively clue stories allow children to get rid of the heavy pressure of language learning and acquire Chinese knowledge easily and efficiently in the game.。
       Language learning is a long process, and it is not uncommon for children to have fear of difficulties and unsustainable enthusiasm for learning. Sinobus' Chinese class is truly from the perspective of children, re-interpreting Chinese textbooks, and designing a teaching model with individuality.。

Experience Immersive Language Learning In Task-based Situational Stories

Task-based Teaching
Start with a life your child is familiar with, moderately challenging. Find solutions as you learn. Work out learning outcomes。
Emotional Teaching
Experience the beauty of human nature in stories of family love, friendship, teacher-student love, and cross-cultural understanding, and experience the preciousness of life in themes such as protecting the environment, caring for animals, and cherishing life. Language teaching and emotional teaching are indispensable and interlinked。
Multi-method Teaching
Use rich pictures, animations, music, stories and other media to create specific and vivid language learning methods, so that boring language learning can be optimally presented in a variety of curriculum settings。
Multidisciplinary Teaching
Integrate language teaching with other subject knowledge, learn more subject knowledge on the basis of language learning, better learn language with the assistance of other subjects, and achieve the learning effect of 1+1>2。
Situational Story Teaching
The interlocking storylines help students to understand the theme and the context of the article, while cultivating students' ability to observe nature, society, and life, while improving students' language skills and aesthetic skills。
Gamification Teaching
A variety of game settings, which truly integrate children's interests, exploration and creation. On the basis of driving children's interests and thinking, they can experience the joy of learning, and truly achieve learning by playing and learning by learning.。
【Sino's Schoolbag】
Start Your Magical Chinese Learning Journey with You
       The teaching and research team of Sino-bus has created a set of one-stop Chinese teaching aid packages that can assist and consolidate online courses, including fun games, literacy cards, scenario story puzzles, etc., according to students' Chinese level and needs. Seamlessly combine online courses with students' preview, practice, and review to easily learn Chinese anytime, anywhere。
One-stop learning: preview, review, practice, expansion, unit summary, unit assessment, combined with learning, practice and assessment, the effect of consolidating knowledge is obvious, and the knowledge learned is fully covered.
 Learing During Playing:Setting tasks + brainstorming + exploration + interesting question types makes Chinese learning so easy。
 Refer to the latest international language acquisition theory -- "5C" curriculum standard(Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century), Integrate Communication into the curriculum。
  Cartoon IP image implantation: students encourage each other, learn and grow together in the emotion of being both teachers and friends with Sino。
3 Teaching Formats
Meet the Different Needs of Children
1V1 Private Teaching
Gamified guided Chinese learning based on students' learning needs
Small Class
Match the learning scene of small partners and peers with similar Chinese proficiency Strong learning atmosphere Stimulate unlimited potential with the power of small class "representatives"
Large Class
Learning Chinese traditional culture knowledge Multi-themed interesting classes will take you to appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture of 5,000 years and stimulate unlimited desire for exploration and knowledge
Major in Chinese
Chinese Character Enlightenment
Suitable for children at home and abroad who have no basic knowledge of Chinese or have initial exposure to Chinese
Comprehensive Development of "Listening, Recognition, Reading and Writing"
Picture book stories combined with fun games to learn Chinese
Scenario class provides a Chinese learning environment
Using ancient poems and idioms to feel the "original" Chinese culture
Primary School Chinese
Suitable for students with good Chinese foundation or international Chinese schools
Adopt the general language textbook for primary schools compiled by the Ministry of Education of China
Optimized according to the characteristics of Chinese children's life and learning
Make primary school Chinese study abroad a reality
Have an international perspective and take into account Chinese culture
Happy Chinese
Suitable for overseas teenagers without Chinese-speaking environment
"Listening" leads, "Writing" keeps up
Introduce the world authoritative "IB curriculum" standard
Benchmarking HSK test and international college entrance examination
Adopt an international education model
Master authentic Chinese
Interesting special course
Chinese Training Camp
Large class interactive immersive live class
Children will learn five themes of vocabulary and expressions
While improving speaking, you can also recognize and read topic vocabulary
Fun and fun classroom experience
Open the door to children's interest in Chinese learning
Chinese Story Club
Guide children to experience Chinese culture with a lively and lively lesson;
Stimulate children's interest in learning with fun and interesting classroom games;
Improve children's expression skills with active and interactive teaching methods。
A vivid and inspiring idiom story,
Allow students to enrich their vocabulary and increase their knowledge at the same time,
Know how to deal with people,
Feel the charm of Chinese language and characters。
Pinyin Special Class
Basic Pinyin Class
Suitable for Chinese beginners without Pinyin foundation
Teaching with a new mode of game animation
From 26 Pinyin letters to fluent independent reading