Sino-bus Takes You on A Wonderful Chinese Journey Anytime, Anywhere
  For Overseas Chinese Children Aged 4-16
  Advanced Online Education Platform
  Immersive 1-to-1 Teaching/High-quality Small Group Story-telling Class/1-to-many Chinese Funny Class
  The Influence of The Platform Covers Many Countries And Regions Around the World

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Not Only Learning Chinese,Every Class Is A Leap in Comprehensive Knowledge
Sino-bus integrates the latest international language acquisition theory - "5C" curriculum standard into the curriculum system, pays attention to cultivating children's comprehensive quality, and creates an immersive learning environment through interesting plots and interactive games, so that children can learn richly , diversity, practical knowledge of Chinese
Interesting classroom of Sino bus

Unlock A Different Chinese Classroom

Say goodbye to "cramming"
Say goodbye to "scripted"
Unlock the door to new knowledge with a child's perspective
Activate the New Connotation of Traditional Culture
Traditional culture without distance
Equal emphasis on science, language and culture
Lead the children to enjoy the beauty of traditional culture

Original Funny Literacy Collection

Chinese character "unforgettable"
Literacy "Be Ingenious"
Let the children fall in love with "horizontal and vertical strokes"
Novel And Vivid Knowledge Explanation
Learning is no longer "stressful"
Seen + laughed = easy to grasp
Learning Chinese "without Burden"

Easily Master New Knowledge in the Game

Throw away the blunt "reading and writing practice"
Game Breakthrough and Storyline
Homework and practice can also be "unstoppable"
Interdisciplinary Expansion and Exploration
Language learning is not boring
Exercise children's interdisciplinary thinking ability
"Four-in-one" mind-eye-hand-brain "efficient learning"
The Variety of Classes Is Rich, We Have All You Want
1v1 Customized Class
1 to 1 customized lessons provide 100% opportunities for children to communicate
Make the most of every minute
Meet all your individual needs。
Chinese Small Class Storytelling
Learn Chinese characters and understand Chinese culture at the same time
Feel the wonder of Chinese characters in Chinese stories and experience the charm of Chinese
Chinese Training Camp Large Class
The ultimate goal is to be fluent in spoken Chinese
Say "No" to the Negative Effects of "Language Migration"
Choose our course = choose the immersive Chinese world
Strong Faculty Master's Degree with Three Certificates
1.Sino-bus' teachers are all foreign and domestic pedagogy, linguistics, logic, contrastive linguistics, child psychology and other majors with master's and bachelor's degrees。
2.Have rich experience in Chinese education at home and abroad, with an average teaching age of more than 5 years, rich Chinese cultural heritage and standard spoken English。
3.100% of the teachers hold the International Chinese Teacher Certificate, the Chinese Primary and Secondary School Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate in China, and the Putonghua Level 2 Certificate or above。
4.Choose our teachers = choose your child's future of excellence
Sino-bus Takes You on A Wonderful Chinese Journey Anytime, Anywhere

Sino-bus' teaching and research team is composed of education experts who have been devoted to children's education for more than ten years. IB, CIE, A-Level, AP, SAT, etc.) fully integrated。

Choose Sino-bus, let Chinese become a bonus item in the entrance exam, and hold the future in your own hands!

Online Chinese class
Gain global parental Good Feedback
I have been studying Chinese at Sino-bus for 4 years. Not only has my listening, speaking, reading and writing skills improved, but now I can also write regular characters and draw Chinese paintings proficiently. Currently you can recite "The Great Learning" and "The Doctrine of the Mean"。
"I have to say that Sino-bus' Chinese courses are really perfect. I have participated in story sessions and Chinese training camps. Of course, these are supplementary courses to improve children's reading ability after class. When it comes to being professional, meticulous, professional and interesting, I am ready to enroll my children in regular lessons
Started learning Chinese at the age of 3 and has been studying at Sino-bus for 5 years. Can listen to and understand Chinese stories and tell stories, and can use rhetorical techniques such as rhetorical questions, metaphors, anthropomorphic sentences, etc. to communicate with people in Chinese. "My child belongs to the kind of person who can't sit for a minute. He actually sat quietly for 30 minutes in the trial class, and cooperated with the teacher to teach the class. Thanks to Sino-bus Chinese, I can see the well-behaved side of the baby!
I have been studying Chinese in Sino-bus for 3 years, the literacy has reached 3000, and I can read various picture books independently.
"It was because of the phrase "It's also playing games, why don't you come to Sino-bus Chinese?" "I was attracted and signed up for the trial class, and I was not disappointed. The children liked this kind of education very much, the courseware setting is very interesting, and the teacher's lectures are very exciting.